What is Dragonbond?

Dragonbond is a fantasy setting for gaming and storytelling, created by Draco Studios. It features the best trappings of the high fantasy genre – epic adventures, earth-shattering magic, superhuman entities and, of course, several breeds of dragons – in a fully-fleshed campaign setting, complete with a landscape of multi-layered societies and developed politics.

The adventures take place on Rhaava. A young world, a primal world, a world shaped by the innate magic that flows through all things: Vaala. Driven by Vaala, empires rise and fall, monsters rampage through wondrous landscapes, and armies march to war beneath a tumultuous sky.

Valerna, the largest continent on Rhaava, is contested by its greatest realms. From their high towers, the half-elves of Allaria command legions of highly trained Oathguard to do their bidding, the ground shaking beneath their steel-shod boots. From Tyveria, the vampiric maghyri control hordes of warriors with the power of blood magic. In the wilds, the bestial forces of the Nahuac Coalition fight with nature itself on their side. From the frozen north, pious Ysvalian knights bring the power of their Light to an ever darker world. Across several kingdoms, humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, orcs, beasts and monsters make war upon their rivals.

Sorcerers bombard their foes with pyrotechnic cavalcades, sky-ships rain fire upon foot soldiers, and giants hurl rocks against besieged fortifications. From the fey realm of the Fell, capricious creatures mock the petty struggles of mortals, while in the eternal dark of the Hollowdepths lurk noisome, dangerous things, awaiting their chance to claim the world for their own.

And then, once every twenty-seven years, the Red Moon rises, and the dragons descend upon the world of mortals…

In the face of the draconic threat, the squabbles of mortals are nothing. Only the mightiest heroes can stand against them. And those heroes, when circumstances are right, can win the respect of their dragon adversaries like no other. When this happens, the two become as one dual beings, known as Dragonbonded.

Drakha Press tells the stories of these mighty heroes, bringing them to life in novels and comics.