Character – Aellas

Aellas is a half-elf, half Tyverian prince, the son of the Dragonbonded Elyse of Allaria and Adreal of Tyveria.

As a young child, Aellas was taken by the Fai as the result of a terrible pact and was subsequently raised in the Dream by the Fai. Now, as an adult, he has been returned to the physical realm to serve as an anchor, or sorts, for the Dream. The Fai believe that, by sending Aellas out into Valerna, he will ensure that the Dream has a firm hold in the world and will better enable the Fell to hold onto their form and presence as physical entities.


As a consequence of his strange upbringing, Aellas is prone to whimsy and struggles to recognise truth from fantasy. He sees himself as a walker between worlds, a child of both the Dream and Valerna, and makes much use of the abilities granted to him by his affinity with the Dream—the conjuring of Fai entities, Dream walking and other strange magic.

At the same time, Aellas seeks reconciliation with his parents and is working hard to understand the ‘real’ world and its politicking. It is a journey that he is only just beginning.