Character – Madranna

Madranna of Tyveria

Madranna of Tyveria is the niece of Adrael and the heir apparent to his throne.

She is a skilled warrior and seeks to break the long-held traditions and received wisdom of the great Tyverian Houses in favor of more modern, socially progressive ways of ruling.

As such, she is something of a pariah amongst many of the Tyverian elite and is seen as a troublemaker even by those who would agree, privately, with her views. Not that she cares. She seeks a peaceful revolution, the ushering in of a new era.

Madranna treats everyone as equals, which is sometimes deemed as a lack of respect. She is nevertheless Tyverian still, and as such, she knows what it is to live a life steeped in blood.

Madranna of Tyveria