Dragonbond gets a new comic!


Set In Draco Studios’ Dragonbond Universe, The Story Tells Of A Young Necromancer’s Quest To Protect Her People From A Truly Devastating Threat. 

Sunday Times bestselling novelist, comics writer, and screenwriter George Mann (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes) and artist Mariano Laclaustra (Doctor Who, Rivers of London, Newbury & Hobbes) combine to create Dragonbond Legends: The Rise of Itza. This stunning graphic novel is the first release from Drakha Press, the new publishing arm of Draco Studios. 

Launching on Kickstarter on 14th March, The Rise of Itza explores the origin story of Itza Chapula as she fights to defend her people from the threat of war, armies of both the living and the dead, and a dragon hell-bent on the destruction of her home. Beautifully colourised by Carlos Cabrera (Titan Comics, Marvel Comics, and acclaimed Hollywood movie Black Swan) and with lettering by Andrew James, The Rise of Itza has all the hallmarks of a new cult fantasy series.

‘A hero is about to be born in this grand, epic fantasy from the writer of Star Wars: Myths & Fables, Dark Souls: The Breath of Andolus and Engineward.’ 

Caroline Pritchard-Law, CEO, Drakha Press. 

Drakha Press is both excited and proud to launch this graphic novel as its inaugural release. Draco Studios was established on 3 founding pillars – Beauty, Story, and Community – and Drakha Press is now the home and cornerstone of that Story pillar. Its mission is to create and publish quality fantasy, horror and science fiction stories based on key entertainment properties, delivering great reads that tell the fantastic stories behind the games and bring the characters to vivid life.

The Rise of Itza is set in the Dragonbond universe, a fantasy setting for gaming and storytelling. It features all the trappings of the high fantasy genre – epic adventures, earth-shattering magic, superhuman entities and, of course, awe-inspiring dragons. Valerna is a campaign world of breath-taking scope set against a backdrop of multi-layered realms and capricious politics. From the majestic palaces of Allaria to the stepped temple-pyramids of Nahuac; the floating crystalline homes of the sky dwarves to the towering gothic majesty of Tyveria; the world of Valerna is quite unlike any other. And ripe for adventure.

Sound interesting? Download the first issue for free here.

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Drakha Press (drakhapress.com) is the publishing arm of Draco Studios. Launched in 2023 Drakha Press explores the rich worlds of Dragonbond, Eldritch Century and Creature Kingdoms, bringing these evocative worlds to life through fantastic stories, quality comic books and gorgeous graphic novels.